Why us


Spider World is one of India’s largest and leading manpower consulting and recruitment company. It has 6 branches across India which are manned by over 100 professionals. Spider World is correctly positioned to address any kind of HR requirement in manpower consulting, recruitment and HR business. We are driven by highest standards of quality, integrity, trust and commitment, while providing quality professional services. We are sensitive to our client’s requirements and keep their interest foremost.

We focus on recruiting candidate for Senior and Middle level management. Exclusive services are available for recruiting manpower at top level. Spider World provides manpower recruitment in all industry segments. Some of these are – Automobile, Banks, Chemical, Engineering, FMCG, Infrastructure, Insurance, Telecom etc.

Today’s business world is dynamic and due to the advent of new technology, chance for growth of the potential companies is immense. In such a scenario, Human Resource Management has come up as one of the biggest and significant aspects for any company. Managing the human power properly, hiring potential and fresh people and providing them quality training – are the most important things for a company. Spider World is a veteran Human Resource management and recruitment service provider, having vast expertise and good reputation in the field.

Why Joining Us?

  • We have a very flexible franchise model and high end profitability is guaranteed for our franchisees.
  • We have several clients from different parts of the world under our belt.
  • We possess excellent client retention report and thus, future prospects of the company are pretty bright.
  • We commit to cater excellent support, both technological and knowledge-base to our franchisees.